Forum Title: Weeping by teflon/PTFE at brass connection
Hello I am connecting a male screw-in connector to my master valve (female). However there is some water “weeping” from 1 side of the join. I have used a PTFE/teflon tape from a plumbing supply store (so its good quality, also feels thicker than normal) and wound it around the thread 7 times. I then tightened with a spanner, however was cautious not to over tighten. (with the 7 strands of tape, it is difficult to hand tighten) I am not sure if the weeping is because I used too much tape, causing it to shear in 1 place, or because I tightened it with a spanner, or both? Any advice is welcome – should I use less tape, say 4 strands and hand tighten plus 1 extra turn? Or do I need more tape perhaps?
Category: Plumber Post By: NANCY ANDERSON (Brentwood, TN), 07/07/2016

i do not use tape because of that reason, i use pipe dope and an 18'' pipe wrench, or a 14'' pipe wrench and have no problems

- MARLENE BUSH (Joplin, MO), 09/02/2017

Did you wrap it in the direction of the threads? And it also looks like you may have used to much.

- LAUREN BOWMAN (Lawton, OK), 09/03/2017

3-4 wraps of tape is recommended. I always use both, I think you have to tighten more

- ANITA MENDEZ (Concord, CA), 09/25/2017

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