Forum Title: Very roughed in seperate tub and shower
I am converting our 14 x 26 attached garage into a master bed/bathroom. I handed raised the floor with 2x8 joist #2 fur about 8.5 inches of the concrete slab so the room is flush with the for threshold. My stack is located in the basement, about 25-30 strait diagonal from the furthest fixture which Errol be the soaker tub. I will be pitting in what the county inspector referred to as a plumbers wall to allow for the water supply and vents to access the roof and building a drop ceiling so the room has 8' walls. I want it to match up with the rest of the house as much as possible. My question is pertaining to the venting in the pictures below. These drains are not yet cemented or hung permanently yet as I wanted to get above before I set them. As you can see I have the vents running back opposite of the drains to access the fake wall that will be built. I am making all the drains 2" as will be the vents as well. Well this pass inspection or am I total of the radar with this setup? Thanks for all the help!
Category: Plumber Post By: CLAUDE TERRY (Rome, GA), 03/03/2016

can you identify what the drains will be ? is their a toiet ? sink? for your info. plastic must be hung every 4'

- CRAIG MORALES (Mansfield, OH), 09/03/2017

thank you for the heads up on the plastic. the drain to the right will be the walk-in shower. The drain on the left with the vent going over the 2x4 stringers will be the soaker tub. I plan on raising the tub 4 inches to allow for the vent and also for tile to surround the bottom. There will be a toilet on the exact opposite wall of the tub and shower directly across from the tub.

- LANCE ERICKSON (Lynn, MA), 09/14/2017

looks good

- SAMANTHA VALDEZ (Stamford, CT), 09/30/2017

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