Forum Title: Kitchen sink always clogged
Hi there, I am wondering if I could get an expert advice from you guys here. This is my sad story: a while ago I removed the garbage disposal thing from my sink as I replaced two of them (each above 100 dollars) since they start stinking and we don't use it anyways! I did this little plumbing job to connect the 2nd small sink (used by the garbage disposal unit) to the main sink. I think after it (if it is not a coincidence) my sink gets clogged all the time. I used liquid, then took the U trap apart and it seems to be clean. I also used the cable but it doesn't catch anything. After each time it gets clogged I use a plunger and it drains down well... for a few minutes only. Then it starts again. I am wondering if you guys could take a look at my pipe work and point me at the right direction, please... Thanks a lot in advance! Cheers
Category: Plumber Post By: JAMIE LYONS (Keizer, OR), 09/06/2016

What country is this in? Fittings look a little off. Thats taking the long way around to get to the drain.

- PENNY ACOSTA (Huntington, WV), 09/05/2017

this is what i see, the existing fitting attached to the basket strainer, is a female x coupling fitting, it needs to be a female x fitting this is a fitting adaptor, it fits inside another fitting this is what you have, a regular adaptor, , useing the fitting adaptor will give you an extra 2'' of heigth

- JOY TERRY (Evansville, IN), 09/10/2017

Australia The DBL TEE on the left outlet has to go. The install should look something like below-

- ELIZABETH JONES (Alhambra, CA), 10/06/2017

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