Forum Title: Hot water tank leak
Hi. I need some help understanding where the water is coming from. After two hours of trouble shooting and turning off water to the tank and even to the house, I can't figure out where the leak is coming from. The tank sits on a platform. The top of the platform is dry and no water around the base of the tank. When I turn the water valve to the tank back on, water leaks through the bottom of the platform. I've attached a photo to help understand my situation. By the way, that is a wood stake sitting next to the tank not a pipe of any kind. Any thoughts? Thanks so much in advance.
Category: Plumber Post By: RALPH MORGAN (Moorhead, MN), 03/30/2016

if the water is not coming from the bet is a leak in the wall you have a plumber friend ? or are you going to fix it your self ? when you find it, let me know. i am guessing a nail from that base board just a guess time to cut sheet rock and look see

- AARON BROOKS (Provo, UT), 09/06/2017

Hi Macgyver. Thanks for responding. The pipe goes outside. There was no water at the end of that pipe. Here is another pic showing the top.

- CECIL COHEN (Nashua, NH), 09/08/2017

Lori. G morning. I reread your post. if understand you correctly. the water is not coming from the heater itself but from the piping in the wall or under the stand. this is just a guess, i do not have a lot of info. is this a possibilty. also....where is the pop off valve piped to ? that could also be it look on top of heater, their are 3 pipes. 1 hot, 1 cold, the other is the pop off where does it go to ? find the end

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Oak Park, IL), 09/12/2017

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