Forum Title: Cleaning out old Pex tubing that has been laying around?
I'm redoing the water lines in my house to remove the old galvanized pipes and soldered copper I currently have. I've got some old pex tubing (new, but unused/lying around for a few years). I see spiderwebs/cob webs, etc in it. What's the best way to clean/flush it out and sanitize it? I have a beer line cleaner I was going to use originally but now I'm thinking it might only be designed to deal with old beer byproducts. Is a diluted bleach solution my best option? Lol, or just waiting until the supply houses open tomorrow and buying new pipe? (I just decided to do this project yesterday and I couldn't get new pipe on the weekend. I've had problems with the shark bite/cheaper stuff they sell at home depot in the past and don't want to use it) Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: SUZANNE WELCH (Annapolis, MD), 05/09/2016

Primer on PEX? Never heard of it.

- CURTIS CHAPMAN (Livonia, MI), 09/14/2017

Quote: Originally Posted by phishfood Primer on PEX? Never heard of it. He must be right because he saw it on the internet.

- TERRY NGUYEN (New Haven, CT), 09/21/2017

Wash it out with water and most supply stores have primer that cleans them very well

- BRETT RHODES (Pine Bluff, AR), 10/05/2017

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