Forum Title: Angle of waste WYE on horizontal drain
I understand for vent Wye connections - the angle should be min of 45 deg from horizontal up to 90 deg (straight up). What about a waste wye connection? Should it be no more than 45 deg from horizontal but definitely no lower than horizontal (0 deg)? I have a tight spot where I need to connect a 2" shower trap, 2" san tee for vent then to the main waste branch and to the Wye. I figure if I have a range (0-30 degrees from horizontal) that may buy me some additional space to get all the connections and fitting for the shower trap. Thanks!
Category: Plumber Post By: STELLA MCKINNEY (Greenfield, WI), 02/28/2017

Thanks Frodo - Do you mean to say the vent arm cannot change elevation? I'll need to go from nearly horizontal Wye, to a 2 vent (san-tee), then right into a 2 trap for the shower. Then extend up to finished floor elevation. The vent will need to go almost horizontal across to the main branch, over to the outside wall then up to the roof. I'll fab up something tonight and take a photo Thanks again!

- SUSAN GARCIA (Santa Monica, CA), 09/11/2017

waste y can be level or, actually 2% but not being picky the vent wye is elevated so that the air can not be blocked bu the water be advised, when you install the vent, the waste arm can not change elevation

- MELISSA HALL (Georgetown, TX), 09/13/2017

vent can change up only trap arm. that is the line from the vent to the trap can not change elevation up or down

- GREGORY GREEN (Clarksville, TN), 09/15/2017

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