How to Clear a Clogged Drain

10 Best reputed plumbing contractors - Repair & Troublshooting Blogs - Forums for fiberglass tub repair company, gas water heater installation, septic tank pump out, fix sink drain.. We have been cleaning and unclogging drains since 1968, and we're confident that we can get down to the cause of the problem so your drains can up and running as fast as possible ..More

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Common Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

Popular plumbing contractors - Popular Forum Pages - Unfortunately, though, placing a heavy weighted object on something such as your shower head for this purpose can definitely do some damage. Weighing down fixtures:If you?re trying to conserve space in places like your shower, we know it can be tempting to use storage solutions like shower racks. Same day plumber forum pages on garbage disposal service, shower replacement, sewer service, pool leak detection service. ..More

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How to Insulate Your Water Heater

Search and locate plumbing inspection contractors - Troubleshooting Forum Pages - It is best to get an insulation blanket that is valued at R-11 or higher; the number following the R indicates how thick the blanket is. If your water heater is in an attic, basement, or garage that is uninsulated or unheated, an insulation blanket might be the ticket to a more energy efficient water heater. Get free estimates - fix toilet flush, hot water heater replacement, main sewer line clog, unclogging bathroom sink drain. This insulation will probably not be visible, but you can find out if your water heater has this when you check the label. If you have a newer water heater, then you might not need a blanket, not if the heater already has factory insulation of R-16 or more ..More

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How to Clear Your Clogged Drain With a Wire Coat Hanger

Popular residential plumbers - Repair Tech Forum Pages - . If all the above still doesn?t help, consider trying all of the above, with the addition of a plunger. Get free quotes - tub repair, gas water heater services, septic inspection, drain field installation ..More

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Strange Smells Using Your Nose to Detect Plumbing and Other Household Repairs

Top 10 plumbing contractors - Blog - Inspections & Maintenance - The smell of wet dirt or a musky smell could mean that you have a mold and mildew problem. Remember just because you don't see mold doesn?t mean it isn?t there. Mold can be sneaky so trust your nose if you smell it!. With the right level of moisture and temperature you could have a serious breeding ground for some furry spores! If you start to get a whiff of wet dirty check around for the visible signs of mold. Mold and mildew thrive is warm, damp areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and area exposed to moisture. Call your plumber right away if a leak is detected. You should also clean and disinfect the area with bleach. Some signs include: a recent water leak, allergies, asthma, poor ventilation, and seeing mold. Talk to plumbing contractors using forums for replace bathroom sink, fix water heater, septic clean out, water leak detector for free estimates. ..More

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